Cuba Facts

    Full name: Republic of Cuba

    Capital: Havana

    Location: 21 30 N, 80 00 W

    Head of State: President of the Council of State Fidel Castro

    Type of Government: Communist

    Currency: Cuban Peso

    Population: 11,308,764 (estimate as at July 2004)

    Language(s): Spanish, Castilian

    Suffrage / Age of consent: 16

    Main Religion: Catholic (47 percent)

    Land Area: 42,800 square miles (110,860 square kilometers)

    Number of Provinces: 14 (and 1 special municipality)

    Annual Rainfall: 1219.2 mm / 48 in

    Public Holidays:

    1 January: Liberation Day

    1 May: Labor Day

    25 – 27 July: Celebration of the National Rebellion / Revolution Day

    10 October: Day of Cuban Culture / Anniversary of the 1868 War of Independence

    25 December: Christmas Day

    Rainy Season: May – October

    Dry Season: November – April


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