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a la Chorrera (Arroz con Pollo)



INGREDIENTS (should serve 6)

* 3Ib chicken

* 1Ib of rice

* 12 (small) tomatoes

* 4 cups chicken broth

* 2 cloves garlic

* 1 each of a green pepper, sprig of parsley, small petit pois

* 1 can each of red peppers and asparagus

* 1 cup of dry wine

* 2/3rds of a cup of olive oil

* ½ an onion

* ½ teaspoon each of saffron and cumin

* ¼ of a teaspoon of pepper

* salt (for taste)


If you like fried chicken, this dish is certainly one for you! Get a 3lb chicken, cut it up into 8 pieces and then fry it in really hot oil. Once you’ve fried the chicken, take the chicken out of the pan and then add some onions, parsley, green pepper and garlic to the pan (using the same oil). Put the chicken back in the pan and add some broth. Boil until you see the chicken begin to go soft and then add you cooking wine and spices. Bring the whole thing to the boil and add your rice (which you should pre-wash). Cook on low heat at 400 degree Fahrenheit for half an hour. Serve to waiting friends and enjoy!

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