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Kids' Guide to Cuba

Basic Facts on Cuba
Here are some basic facts on Cuba including information on the capital city, tallest mountain, geography and population.
A Brief Timeline of Cuban History
Here is a brief timeline of Cuban history from 3,500 BC to 1997.
Cuban National Anthem
Here is the Cuban National Anthem “La Bayamesa” By Pedro Felipe Figueredo
The School/University System In Cuba
Learn about the Cuban school system and also how students are graded.
Sports & Games Played by Children in Cuba
Learn about what Cuban school children like to do in their free time and the games they play.
What Do Cuban School Children Traditionally Eat In A Day?
Learn about the meals that Cuban School Children Traditionally Eat In A Day.
Occupations in Cuba
Learn about the jobs Cubans do when they graduate from school.
Festivals And Holidays In Cuba
Festivals And Holidays celebrated in Cuba.
Basic Spanish Phrases
Learn some basic spanish phrases.

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