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Ensalada de Frijoles Negros



* 4 cans black beans

* the juice of 2 lemons

* 1 large red and green pepper, and 1 onion (all chopped)

* 2 tablespoons of both fresh coriander and cumin

* ½ cup extra virgin olive oil

* ground pepper, hot sauce and salt – for taste

* fresh parsley to garnish



A central ingredient to many national Cuban dishes is the black bean, and Ensalada de Frijoles Negros is no different in this. To prepare this dish, you need to drain the black beans and refrigerate them until such time as they’re well and truly chilled! Whilst you are waiting for the black beans to chill, mix remaining ingredients together and then add the chilled black beans –being extra careful not to break the grains. Add salt and sauce to give some extra taste and then refrigerate. Before serving add some parsley sprig as garnish.

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